Here is a simple step-by-step guide to framing your own picture, using our DIY frame kits. The system is so simple, even a child can fit a picture in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1 : Remove any protective cardboard corners or plastic from picture frame.

Step 2 : Using a flathead screwdriver or another flat item, bend the small black flexible tabs up 90 degrees to the backing.

Step 3 : After you have bent all flexible tabs up, you can now remove the backing.

Step 4 : Now that you have removed the backing board, simply place your print, photo or poster face down against the acrylic or glass.

Step 5 : Your picture should now be in place, so place the backing board on top of the print.

Step 6 : Now that your backing is in place, all that you need to do is bend the flexible tabs back down, on top of the backing board.

Finished : After 6 simple steps, your picture is now ready to hang on the wall.


DIY Frame Kits

Do you want to frame something but you don’t want to spend too much money? Perhaps you are the DIY kind and like to put your own finishing touches on your frame. Then why not buy a frame kit. Pro-Frame Design can provide you with any number of frame kits in any size.
A frame kit is essentially a picture frame that we supply you, for what ever work you want to put in it, for example If you want a photo frame kit, we will supply you a frame, glass and backing, a matboard too if you want, the back of the frame isn’t stapled in, but is instead fitted with flexible tabs, so you can put the work in yourself. The advantage of a frame kit, is you are now able to add or remove your images at will, you will save on fitting and mounting cost.

Pro-Frame Design can provide frame kits for photos, prints, artworks and jerseys.

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