Pro Frame Design - Hobby Framer

Pro Frame Design provides all materials for the Hobby Framer which we call our DIY Framing Service.

What is DIY Framing Service ?

DIY ( Do it yourself ) Framing is a service provided by Pro Frame Design for customers who want to have a go at framing their own work, and save a few dollars.

Pro Frame Design offers a number of options in DIY Framing, including the following :

Frame Kits : This is the most common DIY option sold at Pro Frame Design. We will make the frame kit which comprises of a frame, glass and backing, flexi tabs, hanger and in some cases a coloured mat. You as the customer, then fit your photo, item or piece of art in the kit yourself. See our DIY Frame Kit section to see how simple the frame kit system works.

Chop Service : For the more adventuress people, Pro Frame Design can provide a chop service. You simply choose a moulding from our extensive range and we will cut the frame to your dimensions, as well as, glass, backings and mats if needed, then you join the frame yourself.

Raw Materials : For the true Hobby Framer, Pro Frame Design can also provide you with moulding, glass, MDF, foamcore and matboard, by the length. We have many Hobby Framers who choose to do their framing job from scratch, and by doing this, save maximum dollars.

The benefits of DIY Framing is you save money. As much as 50% off Custom Framing. The downside, DIY Framing means “Do It Yourself”. If you choose to frame your own item, Pro Frame Design is happy to supply you the necessary products to finish your job, but framing choices are totally up to you.

So if you are a hands on kind of person and may like to have a go at framing your own item, Pro-Frame Design can provide all the necessary pieces to the puzzle.  We can also provide machinery from hand held mat cutters and frame joiners, we cover that too.