Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Fully trained to the highest standards of Picture Framing.

The Legacy

Pro-Frame Design is the legacy of Peter & Sylvia Hampton, for more than 40 years the couple have served Western Sydney’s framing needs. As they take a step back from the front line, their presents is forever instilled in the next generation of PFD staff, including their son Lee ( who has been with the company since 1992 ) and daughter Karen who still works for the company part time. Pro-Frame Design will continue to meet the needs of western Sydney for many years to come, and hope you choose the PFD team, next time you need something framed.

Lee Hampton - Managing Director/Sales/Manufacturing/Aboriginal Artist

Lee Hampton - Managing Director

As an executive member of the PFD Team, Lee has been around the framing industry his whole life. As the son of a picture framer, it was a fairly simple transition for Lee to move into the family business. Growing up, in and around the framing industry, gave Lee an advantage in framing expertise and colour co-ordination. By the time Lee had officially started with the company in 1992, he was already well drilled in the importance of framing things correctly and using conservation framing methods.

“My aim has always been to push the boundaries of great picture framing, I have always wanted to be known as one of the best in the industry and will endeavour to learn as much about our ever growing industry, in order to be that person. What I have learned about picture framing and life in general is, no matter how much you know or claim to know, there is always someone who can teach you something, so keep your ears, eyes and mind open to new things”

Karen Woodland - Managing Director/Sales

With more than 25 years in the framing industry, Karen was a part of the original ensemble at Pro Frame Design when we started way back in 1987. After successfully running her own framing business for many years, Karen has come full circle and joined her brother Lee in building the PFD brand.
With a love for interior decorating, Karen is well versed in choosing your framing to suit both your item and your decor.
So if a keen eye for detail and experience is what you look for in a picture framer, come in and speak to Karen or one of the team at Pro Frame Design

Kym Hail – Factory Manager / Manufacturing


Starting at Pro-Frame Design in September 2013, Kym was eager to learn every area of picture framing from day one.
Now PFD’s new Factory Manager, Kym has taken on the responsibility to make sure all works meet their deadlines. In just two short years she has learnt the full skills associated with Picture Framing, in order to provide full custom and conservation framing for our clients. Kym has a perfectionist attitude when it comes to framing any job, so when you get a PFD product from Kym, you don’t just get a picture frame, you get a piece of art and a treasured memory.

“I may only be new to the picture framing industry, but have always had a natural love for photography. Seeing the industry from a whole new perspective has been a real eye opener. How much extra work goes into choosing the right framing to compliment it without competing with it can be challenging. I am also a bit of a perfectionist, so I do love attention to detail. I would say the most rewarding part of my job, is to start with a some raw materials and turn it into someone’s special momentum.”