“I just want something simple that won’t detract from my artwork”

This is actually the most common statement made by new artists coming to Pro Frame Design. The second most common statement made is “I don’t want to spend too much on the framing because I am trying to sell it”

The fact is, that under framing any artwork will always detract from the art. A good framer will enhance your artwork with colour choices in mat board and frames, which in turn, will improve your chances of selling it.

Pro Frame Design’s staff can assist you in choosing the right mat/frame combination. We can also work to a budget for you.

Pro Frame Design also have a virtual framing program that can assist in making your choice. The beauty of this system is we can show you exactly how the framing will look before we start it. If you have something in mind, Pro Frame Design can put it up on the screen, then show you other ideas, so you can compare options.

For an example of how it works, see our  “Visualisation” service.