Computerised Mat Cutting offers you endless possibilities.

There is no need for you to stick to standard, boring squares openings any more. The Wizard mat cutter has over 110 standard mat designs built in. Almost every design within the system can be altered to change the shape of the opening. For example; a mat with rounded corners can have the parameters changed to make it appear more oval or more square, like a credit card.

There is also a CAD program built into the Wizard software that allows us to design a mat opening from scratch. We can simply scan or photograph an image that we will be framing and use this image as a template to trace around, then join the lines, smooth it out and cut the opening.

The Wizard Computerised Mat Cutter will also cut out letters and numbers, v.grooves and can also de-boss mats. De-bossing is the process of pushing a dent into the mat colour without breaking the surface, it is great for a subtle change in the look of a single mat or add to the look of a multiple mat job.

A V.Groove on the other hand is where the mat cutter cuts into the mat board, but not all the way through. This leave a nice thin cut into the white core of the mat. The V.Groove can be used as an enhancement to an existing opening or can create a picture all of its own.